The Central Coast Regional District (CCRD) and the CCRD's Accessibility Committee created an Accessibility Plan to identify and address barriers to accessibility in CCRD-operated facilities, offices, and the website. We encourage residents to read the Accessibility Plan, and provide feedback on accessibility in the CCRD through the Accessibility Feedback Form. This Feedback Form can be done electronically through the link below, via paper copies in the CCRD downtown office, or over the phone at 250-799-5291.

Accessibility Plan: 

Found here: Central Coast Regional District Accessibility Plan.

Accessibility Survey:

Online form: Central Coast Regional District Accessibility Survey.

For any questions, please contact Deputy Corporate Officer Erin Nevison at or 250-799-5291, or go to the CCRD downtown office at 626 Cliff Street, Bella Coola V0T 1C0.

Accessibility Advisory Committee

Want to help make the CCRD more accessible? Join the Accessibility Advisory Committee! The CCRD Advisory Committee will review CCRD facilities, provided services, and projects to assess and ensure accessibility throughout the CCRD. 

To apply for the Accessibility Advisory Committee, fill out this form: Accessibility Advisory Committee Application form, fill out a paper copy at the CCRD downtown office (626 Cliff Street, Bella Coola), or call 250-799-5291 and apply over the phone.