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Agendas & Minutes

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Oct 13, 2022 View View View
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Aug 8, 2022 View View
Jul 14, 2022 View View Agenda Package - BM_Jul14_2022.pdf
Jun 24, 2022 View View Agenda Package - BM_Jun24_2022 Updated.pdf
Jun 9, 2022 View View Agenda Package - BM_Jun09_2022.pdf
May 12, 2022 View View (A)(a) April 7, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes Pages 1-8_0.pdf
(B)(a) Gunderson Delegation Page 9_0.pdf
(C)(a)1) Personnel Policy Pages 10-16_0.pdf
(C)(a)2) UBCM Meeting Request Policy Pages 17-20_0.pdf
(D)(a) Outer Coast Meeting Page 21_1.pdf
(D)(b) Bella Coola Valley Flood Risk Assessment & Modelling Project Update Page 22_1.pdf
(D)(c) Denny Island Community Water System Project Update Pages 23-24_1.pdf
(D)(d) Hagensborg Water System Upgrades Project Update Pages 25-26_0.pdf
(D)(e) Centennial Pool Commission Report Pages 27-29_0.pdf
(D)(f) Denny Island Recreation Commission Report Pages 30-31_0.pdf
(D)(g) Denny Island Airport Long Term Plan Discussion Page 32_0.pdf
(D)(h) Park Land Report Pages 33-35_0.pdf
(D)(i) Bella Coola Valley Official Community Plan Report Pages 36-38_0.pdf
(D)(j) Firvale Wilderness Camp Public Hearing in June Page 39_0.pdf
(D)(k) Referral - Mining Pages 40-43_0.pdf
(D)(m) Ocean Falls Community Revitalization Committee Meeting Pages 45-48_0.pdf
(D)(n) Director Remuneration Page 49_0.pdf
(D)(o) Hagensborg Waterworks Governance Study Proposals Page 50_0.pdf
(G)(a) Extended Hour Child Care for Shift Workers Pages 51-52_0.pdf
(G)(b) BC Prosecution Service and the Public Interest Pages 53-54_0.pdf
(G)(c) Scheduled On-Call Improvements Pages 55-57_0.pdf
(G)(d) Preventing the spread of Avian Influenza Pages 58-59_0.pdf
(D)(l) Election Contractor Page 44_1.pdf
Apr 7, 2022 View View (A) a) March 21, 2022 Special Board Meeting Minutes Pages 1-3_0.pdf
(A) b) March 20 Regular Board Meeting Minutes Pages 4-12.pdf
(B) c) 2) Central Coast Veterinary Services Rezone Bylaw No. 511 Pages 13-15.pdf
(B) c) 3) Hagensborg Water Service Panel Tax Bylaw No. 513 Pages 16-19.pdf
(C) (a) RFD CCRD 2021 Consolidated Financial Statements and Representation Letter Page 20.pdf
(C) (c) CCRD Audit Findings Report for the Year Ended Dec 2021 KPMG Pages 21-42.pdf
(C) (d) CCRD 2021 Consolidated Financial Statements Pages 43-75.pdf
(C) (e) CCRD Representation Letter to KPMG Page 76-83.pdf
(C) (f) Budget vs Variance Report Jan-Mar 2022 Page 84-92.pdf
(C) (g) Attachment to Variance Report Page 93-94.pdf
(C) (h) Parcel Tax Review Panel Page 95-97 (2).pdf
(C) (i) Local Government Elections Report Page 98-99.pdf
(C) (j) Denny Island Airport Long-Term Plan Discussion Page 100.pdf
(C) (k) RFD Grant in Aid Allocations for 2022 Page 101-103.pdf
(C) (m) DIRC Minutes March 30, 2022 Page 105.pdf
(C) (n) DIRC Minutes January 19, 2022 Page 106.pdf
(C) (o) 2019 Indigenous Cultural Safety and Cultural Humility Grant Page 107.pdf
(C) (q) Referral - Subdivision Page 108-110.pdf
(C) (r) Central Coast Veterinary Services Public Hearing Report Page 111.pdf
Mar 21, 2022 View View Item A (a) Request for Decision - The revised allocation of tax requisition.pdf
Item A(b) March 21 Request for Decision - 2022-2026 Financial Plan Bylaw 62.pdf
Bylaw 62 Five Year Financial Plan 2022-2026 with Schedule A and B.pdf
Mar 10, 2022 View View (A) (a) February 18, 2022 Special Board Meeting Minutes Pages 1-3.pdf
(A) (b) February 10, 2022 Regular Board Meeting Minutes Pages 4-13.pdf
(A) 1. Delegation - Bella Coola RCMP Page 14.pdf
(B) (a) RFD Revenie Anticipation Borrowing Bylaw No. 512 Pages 15-17.pdf
(C) (a) RFD Special Meeting March 21, 2022 Pag 18.pdf
(C) (b) RFD Board Technology Pages 19-21 v2.pdf
(C) (c) Report Bella Coola Airport and Facilities Service Update Pages 22-27.pdf
(C) (d) Report Denny Island Airport Operations and Facilities Service Update Pages 28-30.pdf
(C) (e) Report Bus Service to Williams Lake Discussion Page 31.pdf
(C) (f) Report Community Works Fund Pages 32-40.pdf
(C) (g) Report 2022 Budget Public Consultation Page 41.pdf
(C) (h) RFD Grant in Aid Allocations for 2022 Pages 42-45.pdf
(C) (i) RFD Re-opening of Thorsen Creek Free Store Share Shed Pages 46-48.pdf
(C) (j) Urban Systems Hagensborg Water System Upgrades Report Pages 49-50.pdf
(C) (k) Urban Systems Denny Island Community Water System Report Pages 51-52.pdf
(C) (l) Report Bella Coola Fire Protection Service Update Pages 53-55.pdf
(C) (m) Report Housing Needs Assessment - Census Population Update Pages 56-57.pdf
(C) (n) Report Referral - Shearwater Marine Limited Licence of Occupation Pages 58-59.pdf
(C) (o) 2022 - Referral - Subdivision for 1572 Brothen Road Hagensborg Updated v3 Page 60-62.pdf
(C) (p) Correspondence for Information 2021 Resolutions Referred to UBCM Executive Pages 63-64.pdf
(C) (q) Correspondence for Information AVICC Earth Week Challenge Pages 65-66.pdf
(C) (r) Correspondence for Information BC Wildfires Petition - Letter of Support Pages 67-68.pdf
(C) (s) Correspondence for Information MPIAC January 31 2022 Pages 69-77.pdf
(C) (t) Correspondence for Information Invitation Emergency Management Roundtable Page 78.pdf
LATE ITEM: 2022 Apportioned Administration Charges to the Grant in Aid