Centennial Pool Advisory Committee

Originally built in 1967, the Centennial Pool was constructed with proceeds from the federal government as part of their Centennial celebrations. It is located in Hagensborg, east of the Bella Coola town site. The operation of the facility is funded through local tax dollars from Electoral Areas C, D, and E;  a portion of the Provincial Basic Grant; and user fees.

The volunteer Centennial Pool Advisory Committee is an important resource to assist the Central Coast Regional District (CCRD) in the operation and maintenance of the Centennial Pool. The Pool Advisory Committee members provide local advice and context for pool functions. These include (but are not limited to) providing recommendations on pool design, operations, and reviewing pool related policies.

2023 Centennial Pool Advisory Committee Members

Krista Wilson (Chair)

Garrett Newkirk

Holly Poel

Dale McCreery

Janice Kyle