Central Coast Regional Hospital District

Central Coast Regional Hospital District (CCRHD)

The Central Coast Regional Hospital District  has the same boundaries as the Central Coast Regional District, but is a separate legal entity, although the Board of Directors for both organizations is the same. Regional hospital districts provide the local share for financing hospital construction. Regional hospital districts do not fund or direct the operations of hospitals. 

Letters Patent incorporating regional hospital districts were issued pursuant to the Hospital District Act and contained parallel provisions in the Letters Patent incorporating regional districts in respect of boundaries, members, voting units, and could provide powers, duties and obligations in addition to those specified in the Act. The officers and officials of the Regional District were and are, the officers and officials of the Regional Hospital District. However, the Board can choose to elect a different chairperson if it so wishes. 

Two hospitals are located within the boundaries of the CCRHD:  the ƛ̓uxválásu̓ilas Heiltsuk Hospital (formerly R.W. Large Memorial Hospital) in Bella Bella (Electoral Area B), and Bella Coola General Hospital in the Bella Coola Valley (Electoral Areas C, D and E). 

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