Property Taxes

The amount of tax levied to individual properties within the Central Coast Regional District is calculated by determining the amount of funds required to provide each service.  Those costs are then allocated amongst the total of the assessed value of the properties within each service, or electoral area.  BC Assessment Authority determines the assessed value of properties.  The provincial Surveyor of Taxes collects, levies and distributes the regional district tax requisition (the amount of funds required to provide the service) amongst the individual properties based on the assessed value.

Authority to levy taxes is generally contained within an establishing bylaw.  A limit for each $1,000 of assessed value is usually imposed on each service or function.

The annual requisition to the province is submitted in early April in conjunction with the adoption of the Five-Year Financial Plan on or before March 31st.  The Regional District receives the levy in one lump sum at the beginning of August.

CCRD Tax rates per $1,000 of assessed value by class - 2019

Class Area AArea BArea CArea DArea E
01 Residential2.2352.0753.5873.5483.417
02 Utilities7.8247.26312.5612.41811.96
04 Major Industry7.600 12.200  
05 Light Industry7.600 12.19012.06011.617
06 Business/Other5.4765.0848.7908.6938.371
07 Managed Forest6.706 10.76010.640 
08 Recreational/Non-Profit2.235 3.5803.548 
09 Farm     

CCRD Residential Tax rates per $1,000 of assessed value by function- 2019

Function/ServiceArea AArea BArea CArea DArea E
General Operations1.2991.3001.3001.2871.237
Airport - Bella Coola     
Airport - Denny Island     
Economic Development.
Emergency Program.
Feasibility Studies     
Grant in Aid.
House Numbering  .008.008.008
Land Use Planning.
Parks & Recreation (Bella Coola)  .230.227.219
Recreation - Denny Island.050    
Solid Waste Management  .782.771.745
Van. Is. Regional Library.
Centennial Swimming Pool  .451.445.430
Valley Street Lights  .042.041.040