Water Services

CCRD currently provides water service to homes and businesses in the Bella Coola townsite (Electoral Area E), and is beginning development of a new service to provide water to several residences on Denny Island (Electoral Area A).

The Bella Coola Townsite Water service is a distribution system which carries water that is purchased by CCRD from the Nuxalk Nation to homes and businesses within the Bella Coola townsite.  This is a fee-for-service system, which means that direct users of the system cover the costs of operating it.  

Denny Island Water System will also be a fee-for-service system for several residences on Denny Island.  Planning and preliminary work on-the-ground continue, and initial operation has not yet commenced.  Please refer to this Press Release for further information and details about this new service.  Please check back to this page in the future for updates and a full description of the service once it has begun operation.