Emergency Management

Emergency Management is the coordination and implementation of steps and resources required for the mitigation and prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery tasks associated with emergencies. Emergency Management activities include planning, training, and responding to emergencies such as wildfires, tsunamis, earthquakes, and flooding.

The Central Coast Regional District (CCRD) Emergency Management Plan (January 2018) is the guiding document for how the CCRD will:

  • Identify and determine potential risk to Central Coast communities
  • Provide policy guidance and direction to emergency management organizations
  • Review and update emergency plans
  • Establish and maintain an emergency training program and conduct exercises
  • Establish procedures for implementing emergency plans
  • Establish procedures for notifying people who may be impacted by emergencies
  • Coordinate the provision of food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and medical services in an emergency
  • Set priorities for restoring essential services
  • Recommend priorities to essential service providers.