Land Use Planning

Land use planning provides for the orderly development of properties within the Central Coast Regional District. Long range planning includes the development of land use policies and regulations. The policies and vision for the communities are bylaws adopted as Official Community Plans (OCP). Land use regulations are bylaws adopted as zoning bylaws.

The Central Coast Regional District currently has land use bylaws in place in the Bella Coola Valley, or Electoral Areas C, D and E. They include a zoning bylaw, the Bella Coola Valley Official Community Plan, and a subdivision servicing bylaw. Another portion of the Regional District with land use regulations in place is on Calvert Island in Electoral Area A. The vast majority of Electoral Area A is unregulated.

Interested in completing an application to amend or re-zone a property? Find the application here. Parties may also be interested in consulting planning policies P-1, P-2 and P-3 for additional or procedural information.

Subdivision Servicing and Control

Subdivisions in Electoral Areas C,D and E are governed by the Bella Coola Valley Subdivision Control Bylaw No.72 which was adopted in 1984. The authority for subdivision approval rests with the District Manager, Ministry of Transportation.

The approving officer may refuse to approve any subdivision of any parcel of land unless all the requirements of the subdivision bylaw and other applicable regulations have been observed. He or she may also refuse to approve a subdivision if any existing use on that particular parcel is non-conforming in respect to any other bylaw.

A subdivision means a division of land into two or more parcels, except that the words “subdivision plan” is also deemed to include a plan consolidating two or more parcels into a single parcel.

In any subdivision, the Central Coast Regional District stipulates that each parcel must be supplied with a sufficient supply of potable water by either being connected to a community water system, or by having proof of availability of sufficient groundwater sources to service the lots being created. The Regional District may also require the owner of the land being subdivided to provide, without compensation, land for public open space in locations and to the extend required by the approving officer for the purpose of providing sufficient open space within the proposed subdivision for park and public use.

Notwithstanding the other provisions of the subdivision bylaw, all lands within the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR), except those exempted, are subject to the provisions of the Agricultural Land Commission Act and regulations, thereby not permitting the subdivision of land and the development of new non-farm uses unless approved by the Agricultural Land Commission.

The Agricultural Land Commission Act sets the legislative framework for the establishment and administration of the agricultural land preservation program.

The ALR takes precedence over, but does not replace, other legislation and bylaws that may apply to the land. Local governments are expected to plan in accordance with the provincial policy of preserving agricultural land. It is the responsibility of the local government under section 21 of the Act, to forward applications to the Commission.

For further information on subdivisions within the Bella Coola Valley, or to obtain the forms necessary for a submission to the approving officer or the Agricultural Land Commission, contact the Central Coast Regional District administration office.