House Numbering and Street Lighting

House Numbering

At the request of community groups (the R.C.M.P., the Ambulance Service and valley Volunteer Fire Departments), the Central Coast Regional District enacted a bylaw to establish a house numbering service in Electoral Areas C, D and E, primarily to accommodate emergency situations. This service complements the house numbering which was already in place on federal Indian reserve lands.

Although each dwelling in the valley has been issued a house number, participation in terms of signage is voluntary at this point. All residents are urged to consider appropriate house identification numbers for their properties in order to assist emergency personnel.

All residents currently without house numbering signage may wish to contact the Central Coast Regional District office in order to obtain a number. When erected, it should be clearly visible from the street, road or highway.

Street Lighting

CCRD is responsible for the installation and maintenance of 24 street lights in the Bella Coola Valley.  A list of locations of these street lights can be found in Schedule A of the Street Lighting Bylaw.