Centennial Pool

Originally built in 1967, the Centennial Pool was constructed with proceeds from the federal government as part of their Centennial celebrations. It is located in Hagensborg, east of the Bella Coola town site. 

The operation of the facility is funded through local tax dollars from Electoral Area C, D, and E; a portion of the Provincial Basic Grant; and user fees. Because it is an outdoor pool, it is operated only during the months of June through August. 

The swimming pool has provided lifeguard training and leadership opportunities for the youth of the Bella Coola Valley since it commenced operations. It offers Red Cross swimming lessons, lifesaving and First Aid, leadership training, private rentals, school classes, public and lap swims. 

For a complete schedule and program brochure please contact the CCRD office. The pool can also be contacted directly (during the summer months) by calling 250-982-2488. You may also send an email to info@ccrd.ca    


Job Descriptions:


Aquatic Instructor 

Aquatic Leader