Governance in Our Region

Many governments and agencies exist in the Central Coast region with concurrent and overlapping jurisdiction.  Governments providing services or represented in the Central Coast region include: 

  • First Nations governments, both traditional/customary (Hereditary Chiefs), and elected which evolved from the settler-state system  (elected Chief and Council)
  • Government of Canada (Federal)
  • Government of British Columbia (Provincial)
  • CCRD (Local/Regional)
  • Improvement Districts (Local)

At times, this can make governing and decision-making complex.  Transparency, willingness to collaborate, and excellent communication between all levels and forms of government helps make governance and service delivery more effective.  In smaller communities, like those of the Central Coast, it also assists with both interpersonal and professional relationships.  

The CCRD strives towards excellence in the responsibilities of transparency, collaboration, and communication.   If you are a constituent and you notice an area where you believe the CCRD could be doing better, please contact your Electoral Area Director