Public Alerting and Notification

In the case of safety incidents including wildfire, flooding, tsunami, or evacuation notice, a communication system is necessary to effectively notify residents who may be impacted. As the emergency evolves, on-going information also needs to be provided for continuous updates on response efforts and how to access resources.

In an emergency situation, the CCRD Emergency Management Coordinator will initiate notification protocol to inform anyone who may be in harms way. The following steps and actions may be taken in the event of an emergency:

  1. Information provided will include the type of emergency, area potentially affected, urgency of the situation, steps being taken to address the situation, what to do, where to get further information, and notifying neighbours
  2. Call-outs to affected areas by any or all of the following: telephone, email, fax, VHF radio, social media, local FM radio, local TV
  3. If contact cannot be confirmed using electronic means and where the situation is urgent, door-to-door crews may be deployed.

For more information, please see Section 8 of the Central Coast Regional District Emergency Management Plan. (attached)