Deputy Emergency Program Coordinator - Denny Island

Notice Date




A volunteer appointment is available for Deputy Emergency Program Coordinator on Denny Island. On-going support is provided by the regional district and training opportunities may be available from time to time.  There is an honorary monthly stipend of $100 provided to the selected appointee.


Parties must have an interest in emergency preparedness and be willing and available to be contacted at any hour by phone and/or email during an event.  Dedication of time is dependent on the number of actual emergencies and otherwise requires a minimal commitment.


The Deputy Emergency Program Coordinator will act as a community liaison and supports implementation of the Denny Island Emergency Plan under the director of the Central Coast Regional District CAO or emergency program coordinator.  Familiarization with the program, community plan and operations in the event of a natural disaster will be fostered to address the main hazards and threats.  Potential events could include wildfire, earthquake and tsunami, flooding, storms, and power outages.


The community emergency plan aims to identify hazards and threats, establish general emergency response procedures, and provide specific plans for main emergency threats anticipated in the region.  Prevention, preparedness, response, recovery and developing disaster resilient communities are some of the key areas for familiarization.


Written expressions of interest will be received until Monday, December 7, 2020 via email to, via fax at 250 799-5750, or at the regional district office, 626 Cliff Street, Bella Coola.  Please describe your interest in the position and include any pertinent background information as well as contact details.


It is anticipated expressions of interest received and considered by the board of directors of the Central Coast Regional District will be notified of any decision to engage an individual prior to the end of December 2020.