Tsunami Advisory for January 15, 2022 - posted at 7:08 a.m.

Notice Date

A volcanic eruption has occurred in the Pacific Basin near the Tonga Islands. The National Tsunami Warning Center has issued a tsunami advisory that is expected to stay in effect for many hours. This includes the following zones of coastal British Columbia:

Zone A - the North Coast and Haida Gwaii.

Zone B - the Central Coast and Northeast Vancouver Island Coast, including Kitimat, Bella Coola and Port Hardy.

Zone C - the Outer West Coast of Vancouver Island from Cape Scott to Port Renfrew.

Zone D - the Juan de Fuca Strait from Jordan River to Greater Victoria, including the Saanich Peninsula.

At this time it is believed that a tsunami has been generated that could create strong currents or waves in harbours and coastal areas. Local governments in these zones are urged to activate their emergency plans and to consider evacuating marinas, beaches and other areas at risk. Updated information will be provided as soon as it is available.

No other zones of coastal British Columbia are at risk.