Timeline For the Budget

This section gives a brief overview of the budget process and timeline.

  • CCRD staff begin prepping for budget engagement.
  • An informational newsletter outlining all budget dates and information will be sent to all mailboxes in the CCRD (that can receive unsolicited mail).
  • A survey will be available online and paper copies available at the CCRD downtown office from the end of August to mid-September. The objective of this is to better understand the public’s desires in service and taxation levels. The survey results will be reported in aggregate to the Board in a public meeting.
  • Survey (online and paper copies at CCRD) continues to mid-September.
  • Staff begin to tabulate and review survey data for the initial budget draft.
  • Staff draft the initial budget for the October board meeting.
  • Draft budget and survey results are presented on October 12, 2023 board meeting; Directors provide preliminary direction on financial matters.
  • Potential for additional board meetings (if Directors need more time to review).
  • Staff rework the budget according to Board direction.
  • Reworked budget is brought to the Board to eliminate any major issues of concern at the November 9th Board meeting. Directors review the updated draft budget and provide recommendations.
  • An additional Board meeting on November 23, 2023, may be held to review updated budget information.
  • Staff edit budget with Board provided recommendations.
  • Staff receive and review tax valuations.
  • Directors review the draft budget with updated tax valuation numbers at the January 25, 2024 board meeting. Directors will direct staff to make any needed changes and approve the budget for public consultation.
  • Staff send a copy of the draft budget to various locations in the Central Coast Regional District and have a printed copy available at the office for public review. Locations where the budget will be available to read: Denny Island Chamber of Commerce, Wuikinuxv Nation Band Office, Ocean Falls Improvement District, CCRD office, Heiltsuk Nation Band Office, Dawson’s Landing General Store.
  • Public engagement occurs:
  1. A live online presentation will be given by the Chief Financial Officer on budget items for all residents on February 12, 2024 at 2:30 PM. Click on this link to join the online budget presentation for all valley residents. There will be an opportunity for residents to provide feedback during and after the presentation. This will also be recorded and available on social media and the website after. 
  2. One in-person engagement session in the Bella Coola Valley on February 13, 2024 from 12:00 – 7:00 PM for Bella Coola Valley residents. This will be held at the CE Centre at the Emmanuel United Church. There will be a mechanism for resident feedback, and results and recommendations will be provided to the Board of Directors at the following Board meeting.
  • Staff will return to the Board with public engagement results and the Board will be presented with a final version of the budget with tax implications at the February 22, 2024 board meeting. The Board will consider any final changes, hear any final delegations, review the feedback and comments from the public consultation, and provide direction to staff related to the budget. The public will be encouraged to submit feedback in writing for this meeting.
  • Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw (budget) is adopted at the March 28, 2024 board meeting.
  • Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw (budget) must be adopted by the Board by March 31. The auditor provides updated surplus numbers in March and the final budget will be presented in the March board meeting to the Board for adoption. No delegations will be accepted related to the budget at the March meeting.