CCRD Chair's Message - May 26, 2020

Chair’s Message
Thank You Central Coast Communities 
May 26th 2020

The CCRD Board of Directors would like to extend their thanks and appreciation to community members throughout the central coast for your tolerance, cooperation and understanding during this this very testing time for us all.

The Board would also like to thank leadership of the Nuxalk, Heiltsuk and Wuikinuxv Nations for all of their efforts to keep the region safe.

In particular, the Board would like to say a special thank-you to all those individuals, businesses and organizations that are working hard on the front line to keep us protected and cared for, ensuring that we are all impacted as little as possible by the pandemic; including all of the following essential workers:

    • Health care professionals
    • Mental healthcare professionals
    • All those working in and supporting the Emergency Operations Centers in the Nuxalk, Heiltsuk and Wuikinuxv Nations
    • All the people working at and supporting the checkpoints
    • Supermarket managers and staff
    • Freight and transportation workers
    • Day care staff
    • Teachers, administrators and support staff
    • Canada Post workers
    • Banks and credit union tellers and staff
    • Cultural leaders and guides
    • All those working on developing and growing all of our communities’ food security

The Board is very aware that the pandemic is affecting businesses throughout the region and especially all those reliant on tourism.

As we continue to all work through this pandemic and all the challenges that it brings, we ask for your continued unity, understanding and compassion.


Samuel Schooner

Chair, Area E

Central Coast Regional District