CCRD Chair’s Message - Protecting our Community from the Coronavirus


Chair’s Message

Protecting our Community from the Coronavirus

Dear Community Members,

Like you, we are all concerned about the virus known as Coronavirus or COVID-19.

We are asking everyone in our region to make it a priority to learn about the medical advice, to take it seriously and to act on it. If each and every one of us follows these actions, together we can keep our families and our vulnerable community members safe during this pandemic.

Here is the best advice we have at this time:

Treat any surface outside of your home as a virus risk

Any surface you touch outside of your home could be a risk because the virus can survive on surfaces for up to 3 days (or possibly more).

Wash your hands - many, many times a day from now on

Wash your hands all the time, every time you touch ANY surface such as a door knob, ATM machine, pen at the store, gas pump etc. etc. outside of your home. Any surface at all.

Healthy people can still have the virus and accidentally pass it on

People who have no virus symptoms, no cough, cold or fever etc. could still have the virus and be able to pass it on onto others. Because the virus symptoms often don’t show for 5-6 days or more.

Protecting yourself from the virus also protects your family

Protecting yourself from the virus doesn’t just keep you safe but also those around you like elders or people with health problems who are more vulnerable.

Enjoy staying at home

Minimize your visits out of your house, including to the store but remember to make time to go outside while maintaining the minimum safe distance from others to get exercise, fresh air and sunshine.

Offer to shop for those more vulnerable to the virus

The virus is most dangerous to the elderly and those with underlying health problems, so offer to do their shopping for them. BUT make sure you drop the shopping outside of their door and ask them to wash their hands after they have unpacked the bags or boxes.

Keep a minimum of 6 feet from others (outside of your household members)

Maintaining this minimum safe distance will significantly reduce the chance of infection

Don’t travel

Travelling out of the valley increases the likelihood of coming into contact with the virus

Avoid Groups

Avoid gatherings and group meeting – keep your distance from others to significantly reduce your chances of coming into contact with the virus

We know that you will do everything you can to keep yourself, your family members and all of us safe