SUSPENDED - COVID-19 Emergency Travel Restriction Order


COVID-19 Emergency Travel Restriction Order


The Central Coast First Nations of Heiltsuk, Nuxalk, Wuikinuxv and Kitasoo/Xai'Xais have already enacted travel restrictions. Our role as the Central Coast Regional District is to support these measures and do all that we can to save our residents' lives from the introduction of COVID-19 into our Region by non-essential visitors fleeing infected areas by boat, car and RV. 

Like in the case of wildfire evacuations, the Province should be supporting us in directing the RCMP to assist in enforcing the First Nations' check points, closing Highway 20 to non-essential traffic, and broadcasting our proposed restrictions. As a local government are able to quickly identify what traffic is essential to our survival. 

We respect the right of all residents and First Nation members to return to their homes and territory.  We are not looking to restrict freedom of navigation, access to essential goods and health care or emergency services. The only countries in the world that have a handle on this crisis are those that have restricted freedom of movement and our province is larger than most of those countries. We are looking to the Province to approve our proposed travel restrictions and assist our First Nations' in enforcing them.