Wildfire Information and Resources


Information and Resources for wildfires in the region:

BC Wildfire information is often updated mid morning or early evening. Information on situation changes and planning occurs typically in the  early part of the day and mid afternoons. If event information is changing quickly in a negative direction, this information will be updated sooner.

How to get information on wildfires in BC:

BC Wildfire Service Wildfire Map


CCRD is within the boundaries of the Coastal Fire Center. Highway 20 crosses into the Caribou Fire Centre. Multiple fires in a small area will be grouped as a “Complex” and often will have its own Information Officer and contact information. Specifically Young Creek, Grizzly Creek, Lily Lake, Elbow Lake and Trumpeter Mountain are part of the Kappan Complex (July 28th 2023).

Kappan Complex Fires Information (CCRD Fires in this Complex as of 07/28/2023 – Elbow  Lake VA1462,  Young Creek VA1735, Trumpeter Mountain VA 1456, Grizzley Creek VA1167, Lily Lake G41165 (Prince George Fire Centre)



Coastal Fire Centre



Cariboo Fire Centre